By Amanda Lollar. Includes chapters on rehabilitation, routine therapies, nutrition, behavior, enrichment, reproduction, caring for pregnant bats, orphan care, adult care, flight enclosures, dental issues, parasites, wing, leg and other injuries, skin conditions, blunt force trauma, insect stings, frostbite, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, euthanasia, release, hibernation, rabies, a differential diagnostic chart, a medication chart and more. 213 pages, 181 color photos.


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The Rehabilitation and Captive Care of Insectivorous Bats by Amanda Lollar  Founder of Bat World Sanctuary, is the gold standard for Bat rehabilitators. Within its pages the reader will find detailed anatomical diagrams, information about common illnesses and injuries, feeding techniques and species-specific formulas, housing criteria, and more. Supplemental information, including instructional videos and supply resources, can be found at Price includes US Priority Mail flat rate shipping.