This 2-day intensive boot camp is intended for new bat rehabilitators seeking hands-on experience with mother and baby care, and is held on weekends during pup season only. Participants will work with the instructor on all aspects of mother and pup care, including intake, medical management, and feeding. The boot camp fee includes all handouts and a starter kit of feeding implements for a variety of insectivorous bat species. Proof of rabies pre-exposure immunization is required.


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Maternity Care
Pup Care

Pre-natal care for mother bats

Monitoring pups born in care

  • Hydration
  • Nursing

Post-natal care for mother bats

Orphan care

  • Temperature
  • Hydration

Daily monitoring:

  • Hydration
  • Weight Retention and Supplemental Feeding





  • Assisting with delivery
  • Episiotomy