Please see our ​course schedule page​​​ for scheduled dates and times. Bat World Sanctuary presents our half-day Introduction to Bat Rehabilitation virtual workshop, presented via Zoom. This course is designed for individuals who are interested in becoming involved in bat rehabilitation. Through this workshop, participants learn what is involved in bat rehabilitation, including rabies protocols, intake exams and basic anatomy, housing and enrichment, feeding, release criteria, and euthanasia. Please see our Course Schedule page for scheduled dates and locations. This introductory workshop does not include any hands-on activity, allowing participants who are not vaccinated to learn about bat rehabilitation and make an informed decision on whether or not working with bats is a good fit for them.


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This workshop addresses the basic information required to properly care for insectivorous bats. Topics include rabies protocols, talking to the public, housing and feeding, release criteria, and more. Registration confirmation, Zoom registration link, and participant materials are sent via email upon receipt of payment.  Please see our course schedule page for scheduled dates and times.