Wildlife Rehabilitation Basics: Advanced Topics

This 2-day workshop covers more complex wildlife rehabilitation cases, including pain and wound management, infectious and zoonotic diseases, parasites, working with veterinarians, and euthanasia. Please see our Course Schedule page for scheduled dates and locations.


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This class is intended for wildlife rehabilitators, Animal Control Officers, and others who may be called upon to provide emergency, short-term, or long-term care for orphaned, ill, or injured native wildlife, or work with the public to resolve issues involving wildlife.The course builds on basic skills utilized in well-baby care, focusing on the following topics:

1. Intake and triage for ill or injured animals

2. Quarantine and sanitation protocols for ill and injured animals

3. Working with your veterinarian for medical management

4. Parasitology –identification of common parasites, treatment protocols

5. Infectious and zoonotic diseases –identification, prevention, treatment protocols. Includes discussion of public health risks

6. Pain Management

7. Wound Management

8. Calculating medication dosages for wildlife

9. Euthanasia (includes review of AVMA Guidelines for Humane Euthanasia)

10. Case Studies

The class format is a combination of lecture, discussion, case study, and hands-on lab.  

The course fee covers both days of classroom instruction, the class manual, and all lab materials and handouts. Payment is due before the start of the first class session.