14 Nov

The morning after the night before at Bat World MidCities means lots of sleepy bats are just now getting up for breakfast. We had a great evening hosting the Bitty Bat Fest Zoom Experience last night, and met lots of new friends from around the country. Woodson, Cricket, Angus, George, Ditsy, Dolly, and Talia were all on their best behavior and showed just how splendid bats are, while enjoying tasty mealworm snacks. 

We explored many of the ways that bats are essential to life on earth, some of the threats to bats, and ways that we all can help protect them. Did you know that planting native plants rather than non-native ornamentals can help native wildlife? And maintaining a native plant garden can mean less work, too - these plants are acclimated to local weather conditions and rainfall. Contact your local native plant society or garden club for information about the best native plants to choose. The local wildlife will thank you!

If you weren't able to join the Bitty Bat Fest last night, we hope you'll keep in touch, and join us next year. Plans are already in the works for Bitty Bat Fest 2021!

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