08 Dec

Our goal at Bat World MidCities is to release the animals that come to us for care. Sometimes, though, Mother Nature has other ideas. Such is the case with Sweet Pea the opossum. 

Sweet Pea arrived at a local animal shelter on November 15 with some minor injuries and possible head trauma. She was treated with pain medication and antibiotics and her wounds were cleaned, and she was then transferred to Bat World MidCities for care. Further evaluation by our veterinarian revealed that she did not have a head injury, but is almost completely blind and most likely has been since birth. Clearly, she cannot be released, but she has a very sweet disposition and is now being conditioned for educational programs. Normally we are as hands-off as possible with our animals, but educational ambassadors are handled more and are exposed to a variety of situations and environments to ensure that they will remain calm during educational events.

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