26 Jan

Although bats are, for the most part, either enjoying balmy weather in Central and South America, or tucked up in a snug place to hibernate this time of year, other animals are keeping rehabilitators busy. In the past two weeks, we've had three critically injured opossums come in - unfortunately not with good results. With the weather being cold and damp in much of the country, insects and plants are scarce, which means that scavengers as well as animals that feed on plants and bugs are going hungry. In their efforts to find food, they end up in back yards or crossing busy streets and often run afoul of cars and dogs. 

Putting out food for them is not the solution - that simply entices them to go places that they shouldn't go. Instead, keep an eye out for them as you are out and about. Spring will be here before we know it, food will once more be abundant, and babies will be knocking at our door. 

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