Essentials of Wildlife Nutrition: A Common-Sense Approach

Proper nutrition is the foundation of successful wildlife rehabilitation practice. Understanding the natural diets of various species, and how to most effectively replicate those diets in captivity, requires careful thought and planning. In this workshop, participants will discuss best practices for meeting nutritional needs, and pitfalls to avoid when caring for orphaned, ill, or injured wild mammals.

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  • Understanding nutritional shortfalls in convenience diets
  • Choosing the correct milk replacer
  • Consequences of improper feeding
  • Common nutritional disorders
  • Weaning
  • Pre-release and adult diets
  • Providing live prey

This course will consist of a lecture and class discussions of practical applications. The class fee includes virtual classroom instruction, the class manual, and any other materials given during class. Course manual and Zoom session link will be sent via email upon payment.

Please contact Kate at 817-229-5653 or for more information, or register online at