This self-directed course provides detailed information about completing the required quarterly inventory reports for Texas permitted wildlife rehabilitators and satellite subpermittees. The course is approved for one hour of continuing education for TPWD permitted rehabilitators. Please see the 'Learn More' section below for the self-guided course and quiz. Once you have reviewed the course, complete the quiz and email it to to receive your certificate of completion. There is no fee for this course.


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Effective Q2 2021, all permitted wildlife rehabilitators in Texas are required to submit a quarterly inventory report detailing all intake and disposition activity that occured during the quarter. TPWD has provided a reporting template at This self-directed course is intended to answer questions related to completion and submission of the required reports, and is approved by TPWD for one hour of continuing education for permitted rehabilitators. There is no cost for this course. Download the attached files, and return the completed quiz to to receive your certificate of completion.TPWD quarterly inventory.pdf TPWD Quarterly Inventory Reporting quiz.pdf